Why Mediocrity Is a Sin!

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It takes courage to be…YOU!

Here’s the deal folks, God is awesome (you can google it if you want, it’s written a bunch of times in the Bible.) Since we are “created in His image”, guess what this means!? We are created to be awesome!

YOU are created to be AWESOME!

NOT mediocre.

Dare I say, to be mediocre is a sin!?

This means you are actually responsible for being awesome! No wonder why settling to be average and mediocre leaves us feeling unfulfilled and miserable. This is not how God designed us to be.

God is not mediocre, so neither are YOU.

However, God never said it was going to be easy.

It takes courage to be the best you. It takes courage to be awesome.

You have to battle.


EVERYDAY, you must fight to be awesome. Which, ladies and gentlemen, is why He calls it fighting the good fight (again, search your Bible app or hit up google if you don’t believe me.)

You must fight to be the awesome person you were created to be, and it’s a lifelong battle.

So as you read this, I need you to make a choice. Be awesome or be mediocre. Yes, it’s YOUR choice. This is called free will, which God has given to us all.

We are created to be awesome, but you have free will, so you can choose to be mediocre. However, as long as you’re still alive, it’s never too late to choose to be awesome!

So put on your armor. Go out there, fight the good fight, and choose to be awesome.

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