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From jail at age 17, to CEO at age 26, best selling author, Mark Minard, has built his company to a multi million dollar company over the past 10 years plus, literally starting with his office in a barn. Mark does not speak on theories, but brings real talk from actual EXPERIENCE of battling from within the trenches. Mark combines knowledge with experience, delivering results on every level.

Mark’s Topics:


Impossible Is Where Every Great Adventure Begins

-Exposing The Top 5 Myths of Entrepreneurship & Leadership:

Myth 1) Passion Means You Are Always Happy

Myth 2.) You Must Have Perfect Balance

Myth 3.) Unity Occurs Naturally

Myth 4.) Leaders Are Born, Not Made 

Myth 5.) Confrontation is Always Bad

-Following Your North Star:

How To Reverse Engineer You Vision To Goals That Lead You and Your Team To The Same North Star

-Why You Need To Be Terrible To Become Great:

How To Change Your Perspective On Fear, Using Disadvantage To Your Advantage

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