WHY A Victim Mindset Will Make You Broke
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YOU are 100% accountable for how you CHOOSE to react to EVERYTHING. Yes. EVERYTHING!!!! YOU may choose to blame the government, your environment, your Spouse, the banks, the police, the person who screwed you over, and ALLOW yourself to get all worked up (after all, it’s not technically Your...Continued
Persevering The Wide Open Seas of Doubt
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Imagine it’s 1778… Your great Uncle Salvador, on his deathbed, gives You his sacred treasure map. “Promise me you will seek out the treasure,” he whispers into your ear, with his last gasp of breath. No one but you knows about the treasure map. You think about all the...Continued
You Don’t Get To Give Up!
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I felt defeated. Tired. Weary. Which is when our feelings go haywire. This is when most of us make permanent decisions based on a temporary storm, because our feelings are screaming at us to get away from this pain! You must never make a permanent decision based amidst a...Continued
Why Mediocrity Is a Sin!
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It takes courage to be…YOU! Here’s the deal folks, God is awesome (you can google it if you want, it’s written a bunch of times in the Bible.) Since we are “created in His image”, guess what this means!? We are created to be awesome! YOU are created to...Continued
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